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The image of an exclusively traditional and mountain style gastronomy has been enriched with variety, backing an innovative cuisine which has cleverly married the best of our products with recipes from way, way back and with new techniques and experiences, and total dedication to satisfying the most diverse tastes.

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You can take a meal in a typical rural inn, called borda, in the mountains. Donít think that you will only get salads and grilled meat. Ask for suggestions and you will be surprised by the versatility of Andorran mountain cuisine, very much in line with up-to-date trends. If you do not know mountain architecture very well, we recommend this type of restaurant with its homely dťcor and warm welcome.

You prefer a pica-pica, some snacks, and a good wine? In Andorra there are many bars and restaurants offering these mini-dishes with very high quality and suited to all pockets. Remember that we are set between two countries well known for their gastronomic products and reputation. Hundreds of cheeses, wines, foie gras, Iberian ham, baby squid, piquant potatoes, octopus Galician style, etc. You get the idea?

While you are away from home you may like to try some restaurant specialising in more exotic cooking. In Andorra you will find Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian and Japanese restaurants and others with European specialities.

Thereís plenty of variety in places and restaurants. Donít forget haute cuisine. Andorra has the good fortune to have exclusive restaurants offering more than just dishes, unique gastronomic experiences. Find out about the annual gastronomic events which round out the good flavour of this offer. Itís worth your while!

And if you prefer home-style cooking, you will find a host of little family-run restaurants and snack bars where you can eat just like at home and with a good quality-price ratio.

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