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 World News HeadlinesClick Here for BBC World Service
US states oppose transgender edict - Wed, 25 May 2016 19:50:39 GMT
Eleven US states file a lawsuit challenging the Obama administration's recent efforts to expand the rights of transgender students.
Migrant boat capsize caught on camera - Wed, 25 May 2016 18:03:44 GMT
The deadly capsizing of a migrant boat in the Mediterranean is caught on camera by the Italian navy as it rescues 550 people.
Norway stages 32-hour app term reading - Wed, 25 May 2016 15:58:10 GMT
The consumer agency in Norway stages a live reading of app terms and conditions lasting over 30 hours in protest against their "absurd" length.
Clinton blamed over email security - Wed, 25 May 2016 17:15:39 GMT
The state department finds Hillary Clinton and other former secretaries of state are at fault for poorly managing email security, an audit shows.
Jailed Ukrainian freed in prisoner swap - Wed, 25 May 2016 16:18:05 GMT
Russia releases jailed Ukrainian servicewoman Nadiya Savchenko in a prisoner exchange also involving two Russian nationals convicted in Kiev last month.
Swiss Muslims must shake teacher's hand - Wed, 25 May 2016 15:56:11 GMT
Students in Switzerland must shake their teachers' hands, after controversy around an exemption that was granted for two teenage Muslim brothers.
Nigeria finance chiefs quizzed on naira - Wed, 25 May 2016 17:36:42 GMT
Nigerian MPs summon the finance minister and central bank governor to brief them on proposals to ease the economic crisis by devaluing the currency.
Florence's Arno riverbank collapses - Wed, 25 May 2016 11:25:42 GMT
A section of the embankment of the River Arno in central Florence collapses, sending part of the road and at least 20 cars into a newly formed ditch.
Afghan Taliban announce new leader - Wed, 25 May 2016 17:33:02 GMT
The Afghan Taliban name Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada as their new leader following the death of Mullah Mansour in a drone strike.

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London weatherMostly Cloudy
Temp: 11C
Wind: VRB3 MPH
(2 knots)

Malta weatherFair
Temp: 19C
Wind: S 7 MPH
(6 knots)

Moscow weatherFair
Temp: 15C
Wind: S 4 MPH
(3 knots)

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