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  • Teitur Lassen, singer songwriter from the Faroe Islands  open in new window
  • Teitur Lassen, singer songwriter from the Faroe Islands move this listing up       
  • STANISLAV GROMOV - singer,composer. Official site.  open in new window
  • Singer and composer - Stanislav Gromov. Beautiful vocal, music. MP3.CD's Mr.Gromov from France, Germany.Magical talent.Press. Guest Room.Video.TV,cinema's music.Resume.Guestbook.Stanislav Gromov's concerts fulfil our eternal need for beauty. "When a beautiful person with a beautiful voice sings beautiful songs, this "tautology" does not seem out of place." move this listing up       
  • Atomic Kitten Online  open in new window
  • A unofficial fansite dedicated to the girlgroup Atomic Kitten move this listing up       
  • Espen Lind On The Web  open in new window
  • move this listing up       
  • Ira Losco Unofficial Website  open in new window
  • A site about the beautiful and talented maltese singer IRA LOSCO. @nd in the Eurovision song contest 2002 move this listing up       
  • Wiebke Hoogklimmer, Contralto and Opera Director  open in new window
  • Wiebke Hoogklimmer, Contralto and Opera Director, is living in Berlin, Germany, and introduces you to her Lieder recital programmes and to the sound of her voice (MP3 and RealAudio). move this listing up       
  • Anneli Drecker fan site  open in new window
  • The fan site for fans of Anneli Drecker. Also contains info on her performances with Bel Canto, Royksopp and A-Ha move this listing up       
  • SIGO on your heart  open in new window
  • Buy a t-shirt and wear Maltese singer SIGO on your heart. You can find SIGO posters, cards, mugs or even a thong!! move this listing up       
  • Sinatra My Way  open in new window
  • Fred Gardner sings like Frank Sinatra in his tribute show. He has appeared on TV and worldwide to much acclaim. move this listing up       
  • Ella Blame  open in new window
  • Official web site of Ella Blame. Site offers sound clips, bio, reviews, news, and more. Amazing Vocal Performance! move this listing up       
  • Judith Kopecky, Sopran. Opern-und Konzertsangerin  open in new window
  • Judith Kopecky, Sopran. homepage of the versatile Viennese opera and concertsinger with the sparkling voice. Perfomer of demanding recitals. move this listing up       
  • Paul Gordon - Vocalist Singer Big Bands  open in new window
  • Paul Gordon is a freelance big band vocalist / singer with own charts (35) for 18 piece band. move this listing up       
  • David Wyatt  open in new window
  • Official site of acoustic roots singer/songwriter - David Wyatt. move this listing up       
  • Jacqueline de Klerk Soprano  open in new window
  • Jacqueline de Klerk Soprano move this listing up       
  • the judith durham story  open in new window
  • The Life Australian singer Judith Durham from her Seekers Years to her concert at the Royal Ferstival hall 2003 move this listing up       
  • Estanis Romantic songs  open in new window
  • Official website of Estanis, a spanish singer and songwriter. Listen his romanticas songs, photos, biografhy, video, news, fans forum, opinion, and contact. move this listing up       
  • RoXi's Place  open in new window
  • Official site for dynamic versatile vocalist RoXi includes information, photos and news move this listing up       
  • Gesangsunterricht in Wien, Freude am Singen  open in new window
  • Singing lessons for beginners, advanced, and professionals: voice training for children, adolescents and adults, amateur singers, teachers, speakers, actors and vocal coaching for professional singers and singing students. move this listing up       
  • Opera Bespoke  open in new window
  • Opera Bespoke provide opera singers and musicians. They can supply string quartets to play during a wedding ceremony, or singing waiters to mingle with the waiters at your party or wedding reception. At the given moment, waiters will break cover to perform their opera singing waiter surprise act. move this listing up       

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