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  • Chora Sfakion  open in new window
  • Information about the village of Chora Sfakion and the Sfakia region, with ferry and bus timetable, map, dialect and dictionary, guestbook, holiday accommodations, contact form and webcam. move this listing up       
  • Sfakia-Crete  open in new window
  • Comprehensive information on Crete's history, culture, nature, people, climate, weather, villages, transport, holiday accommodations and tourism, with a focus on the region of Sfakia, South-west Crete. With hundreds of pictures, a holidays FAQ, a message board and over 1500 related links. move this listing up       
  • Wolfgang Kistler's Sfakia and Crete Pages  open in new window
  • Private page about Crete with a focus on the region of Sfakia, south-west of Crete. Site contains hundreds of pictures by Wolfgang Kistler, one of the first travellers to this region. Also there is a regularly updated web cam gallery. move this listing up       

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