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  • France's Political Earthquake  open in new window
  • Article from Socialism Today on the rise of the right in France. move this listing up       
  • French Election  open in new window
  • The Guardian and the Observer report on the French election. Links to a series of articles. move this listing up,11363,706611,00.html       
  • Manca Nazionale Organization  open in new window
  • Corsican liberation organization. move this listing up       
  • UMD FRANCE  open in new window
  • Tout sur l'UMD, l'Union des Mouvements pour la Democratie - Parti politique Francais move this listing up       
  • A guide to political parties in France  open in new window
  • A short guide in English to French political parties, compared to parties in the US and the UK move this listing up       

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