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   Sites under Religion And Spirituality: Shamanism

  • Circle of the Sacred Earth  open in new window
  • Circle of the Sacred Earth move this listing up       
  • Tree Totem  open in new window
  • Tree Totem move this listing up       
  • Roy Littlesun aka Roy Steevensz  open in new window
  • Roy Littlesun aka Roy Steevensz con artist and plastic Hopi shaman move this listing up       
  • Liberate Shamanic Healing, Soul Retrieval, Theta Healing, Healing, Spiritual Counselling,  open in new window
  • Dawn Paul, is a shaman specializing in shamanic healing, soul retrieval and theta healing for people with emotional problems. move this listing up       
  • Shu'em Healing  open in new window
  • As observed in quantum dynamics as well as in traditional spiritual ways human beings are connected with each other and the world around them in very subtle ways. In Shu’em Healing these more subtle ways of communication are used for healing. move this listing up       

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